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HLP team come together for great causes

HLP team come together for great causes

Part of the culture at HL Plastics is taking an active role in the local community. Whether it’s supporting employees as they jump from a plane or run a marathon for charity, sponsoring local football clubs or donating toys for children during the holiday season, local PVCu extrusion company HL Plastics aims to help those less fortunate in the East Midlands area and beyond.

charityIn March, HLP was contacted by CT Skills, one of HLP’s suppliers for apprenticeships and training. They had an urgent drive to gather essential items such as toiletries, nappies, food and stationery for two services, the Young Mums Service and Opportunity and Change.

The biggest challenge was that they needed these items urgently, meaning the HLP team had only a week to gather everything together before taking the supplies to an event the following week.

HLP’s Training Co-ordinator Paula Wright went straight to work, asking for donations from staff in all departments to donate for a good cause, and the workforce exceeded all expectations.

In less than a week, HPL’s 500+ strong team had brought in so many donations that we needed someone from CT Skills to come and pick half of them up because they wouldn’t fit into one car!

In addition to the donations from HLP, Paula also managed to get the local Sainsbury’s and Morrisons stores to donate to the cause.

Group Managing Director, Martin Thurley commented, “The speed at which our teams came together highlights the great culture here; not only is everyone passionate about what they do, they’re also passionate about giving back.

“This is only one of several activities we’ve got planned for the year, and this event is an excellent example of how companies can and should get involved in their local communities.”

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