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Josh joins the HL team for a week

Josh joins the HL team for a week

Last week we introduced you to Amy, who told us all about her week of work experience in the HL Plastics marketing department. 

This week it’s the turn of another young student who spent the week learning what it’s like to work in our design & development department and tool room.

Meet Josh and read how he get on…

Learning how products are created

I have just completed my Year 10 work experience at HL Plastics.

I really enjoyed seeing all sorts of activities that go on to create products, in this case windows.

On the first day I loved programming the robot and 3D printing as well as being introduced to the way everything is designed on the computers.

Creating my own car!

Josh 02

On the second day creating my very own car was amazing and using the CAD software was great!

On the Wednesday and Thursday I loved being shown how all the machines work and the parts that help in the process. Finally on Friday seeing how it all comes together and goes out to the customer was awesome!

I definitely enjoyed designing and printing the 3D model of the car the most throughout the week. For me, cleaning up the tank plates for the extrusion machines was the worst part however it was a still a fun experience!

A valuable experience

I was very grateful to get a great opportunity to see how everything links together in such a big company. I do think that I may want to pursue a career in product design and this experience has definitely helped me understand a little more about what that might involve.

I really appreciate you taking the time to help me out on my work experience and really enjoyed it all.

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