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Investing time in finance work experience

Investing time in finance work experience

We recently had the pleasure of welcoming a young student to HL Plastics HQ so she could gain work experience in our finance department.

Meet Abbey and read how she got on…

Getting to grips with the roles

I was at Liniar for my year 10 work experience in July. I decided to do my work experience around finance to give me an idea of all the different roles involved so I know what I will most likely want to do and enjoy when I’m older.


On the first morning I was shown around some of the different departments within the company, such as the office areas, the extrusion hall and Liniar House. I found all of this very interesting, hearing about what the personnel do and the roles they play.

In the afternoon I worked with credit control, undertaking tasks such as credit checking different companies.


I was working with Charlie in credit control and I found this really interesting because I got to see different parts to the role, such as using a load planner, and Charlie also talked to me about apprenticeships.


I was with the purchase ledger department and I really enjoyed this, getting an understanding of what bills have to be paid, even the smaller ones such as milk and stationery. I also paid a visit to the bank.


I was with Matt who looks after the payroll. He also showed me certain projects that he was working on that help him operate more efficiently, which I found very interesting.


On my final day I was with accounts where I got to see things such as receipts from our drivers and credit cards, and I also checked the petty cash.

Valuable insight

Overall, I really enjoyed my week at Liniar. It has given me valuable insight into what happens within the finance department and the different roles people perform, and everyone was very welcoming and friendly towards me.

I would like to thank the company for giving me the opportunity for me to do my work experience there, I had a great week, thank you.

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