Innovative PVCu extrusions
and creator of the Liniar brand


The overriding philosophy at HL Plastics is a continued programme of investment to enable new product innovation and development, with a dedicated design team, 3D printer, testing laboratory and a robot for cyclic testing all located at the firm’s Denby headquarters.

The company has seen significant growth, with turnover increasing by 300% over the last 5 years – resulting in the creation of 300 new jobs in the Derbyshire area.

Prime Minister David Cameron visited the HL Plastics factory in 2014 to host a PM Direct ‘question and answer’ session in the mixing plant with 150 of the team, praising the company for assisting with the overall growth of the UK manufacturing sector.





The graph below shows the growth of HL Plastics over the last 10 years – an increase in turnover of more than tenfold.

Investment in new buildings and facilities, tooling, machinery and technology is ongoing each year, enabling the company to remain one of the industry’s leaders and attracting the highest calibre of employees.