Innovative PVCu extrusions
and creator of the Liniar brand



Established in 1974, HL Plastics’ headquarters, mixing plant, lamination facility and warehouse are based in Denby, Derbyshire, neighbouring the areas of Ripley, Heaner, Codner and Belper in the Amber Valley.

Formerly a strong coal mining region, the Amber Valley suffered from long periods of high unemployment levels after the closure of the Denby Hall Coillery in 1968, and the closure of the opencast mine on the same site 33 years later.

The Denby Hall Colliery in 1880

The Denby Hall Colliery in 1880

HL Plastics and its senior management team have always had a strong sense of corporate social responsibility, from its comprehensive apprenticeship programme which has been running since the company was founded to the more than 500 jobs the company has created in a vast range of roles to helping the local community with events and charities.

IMG_0537Boasting a strong ethos of training and development, with a world-class apprenticeship programme, HLP provides opportunities to young people in the local area, while planning for the future with skilled employees. Currently, HL Plastics has over two dozen apprentices across the business in such areas as: finance, marketing, logistics, tool room, design and development, and engineering. In fact, HL Plastics’ Design and Development Designer, Chris Armes, began as a tool room apprentice in 2003 and has risen through the ranks throughout the years – becoming an integral part of new products launched by Liniar.


As a part of corporate social responsibility, HL Plastics plays an active role in the community offering its services or making donations to a range of activities and events – including sponsoring the Marehay Show, fixing the boiler of a local church and providing tons of supplies to charities which help young unfortunate people and young mothers.

Supporting the local community – as well as a long-time member whose daughter plays on the team – HL Plastics’ brand Liniar is a proud sponsor of the Pride Park FC ladies team.

To find out more information, view our CSR Policy.